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Drawing Number(s): Mold Machine Type:
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  Mold Type   Mold Specification   Mold Construction
Injection SPI Class 101 Conventional
Horizontal Press SPI Class 102 3-Plate
Vertical Press SPI Class 103 Stripper Plate
Two Shot Mold SPI Class 104 Insulated Runner
Vertical Injection S.A.E. Runnerless
    Metric Reverse Injection
    Supplier to Advise M.U.D. Insert
    Other (specify below) Stack Mold
        Hand Load Inserts
        Supplier to Advise

  Mold Base   Mold Base Material   Core Material
DME SAE 1030 420 S.S.
Hasco AISI 4130; 28-34 Rc P-20
M.U.D. P20; 29-36 Rc H-13
Custom Made Stainless Steel S-7
Other DME Equivalent Aluminum Ampcoloy Insert
Supplier to Advise Nickel Plated Beryllium Copper
    Chrome Plated Other (specify below)
    Other (specify below) Supplier to Advise

  Cavity Material   Surface Finish (cavity)   Surface Finish (core)
420 S.S. SPI Finish SPI Finish
H-13 Mold-Tech # Mold-Tech #
S-7 Plated Plated
Ampcoloy See Drawing See Drawing
Beryllium Copper        
Other (specify below)      
Supplier to Advise      

  Hardness   Gate Type   Runner
 Cavity   Core  
Edge gated Full Round
None Specified
Sub gated into part Trapezoidal
Sub gated into pin Hot Runner
Pin gated Brand
48-52 Rc
Gate Inserts Size (specify below)
54-58 Rc
Center Sprue Other (specify below)
Supplier to Advise
Loc (specify below)  
  # per Part    

  Sprue Bushing   Ejection   Slide Action
Standard Ejector Pins Mechanical
Cooled Ejector Blades Hydraulic
Hot; Type Ejector Sleeve Air Cylinder
Custom Stripper Plate Lifters
Locator Ring Air Cam Actuated
Supplier to Advise Early Ejector Return Angle Lift
    Two Stage Ejection Positive Return
    Other (specify below) Ejection Activated
    Supplier to Advise Not Applicable

  Screw Mechanism   Cooling/Heating    
Rack and Pinion Mold Base Recessed Water Fittings
Gear Motor Core Thermal Pins
Spindle Cavity Thermocouple
Auto Hydraulic Blocks Hot Oil
Manual Water manifold Water
Other (specify below) Clamping Plates Other (specify below)
Supplier to Advise Insulator Plates (HR only) Supplier to Advise
Not Applicable        

  Misc. Features        
Guided Ejection Cycle Counter Limit Switches
Push/Pull Ejector Box Recycle Logo Pry Bar Slots All Plates
Progressive P.L. Lock (4 on CL) Latch Locks Clamp Slots, 4 sides
Taper Locks Flash Chrome Plating Break All Edges
Spring Loaded Ejectors Mold Straps Ejector Pins Timed
Recessed Jiffy Connect Date Indicators Ejector Pins Labeled
Pressure Sensors Other (specify below)
Must Run Automatic Threaded Ejector Bars    
Nickel Plating Eye Bolts, 4 sides    
Bronze Lamina Plates Nitrited Core Pins    

  Hand Load Inserts   Spare Components   File Exhange Format
Brass Insert Sleeves Pro/E Part Files
Steel Shaft Gate Inserts Pro/E Drawing Files
Over Molded Core IGES Surface Files
Other (specify below) Cavities IGES Drawing Files
Not Applicable Ejector Pins DXF Drawing Files
    Hand Load Inserts , # SolidWorks
  2 Heater Elements (HR only)
    2 Thermocouple (HR only)    

  Mold Design        
Mold-Maker B.O.M.    
Customer Supplied Supplier to Advise    
Detailed Design Thermo Analysis    
Conceptual Design Mold Flow Analysis    
Layout Design        

  Mold Samples & Data        
Sample Parts Required
Misc. Requirements

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Material Supplied by Supplier
First Article Report Required
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